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 HP Washing Guide ~

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Pink Bean
Pink Bean

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PostSubject: HP Washing Guide ~   Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:49 pm

♠♠ Fully revised HP washing guide for beginners ♠♠
(The guide is long but not boring, i tried to make it as informative as i can)

1. Abstract

a. What is HP washing?

This concept was first pioneered by Tiger from GMS and further tested out and improved by many guys including Tanyia and kwanhua from MSEA. HP washing refers to adding it AP into HP. And then buy AP reset from cash shop, take out MP and add the AP into the stats which you want. For eg if you are warrior you will -MP and add it to STR.

b. Will your damage be affected by using this technique?

Maybe you can try picture this. First, let's say you are not intending to HP wash, after you leveled, naturally you would add 5 APs straight into STR (if you are warrior).
Now, with the intention of HP washing, (after leveling with 5 free APs in hand), first you add 1 AP into your HP, THEN you reset 1 AP from your MP, after which you add the resetted MP into your STR.
Now comparing both scenarios, the similarity is that you will still up your STR, the difference being that the latter effectively made use of MP to increase your STR, and up-ing 1 AP of HP as well.
Conclusively, the outcome is only Reduction of MP, Increase of HP, and SAME Increase of STR with or without washing.

c. Who should do it?

The class that benefits most from HP washing is warrior. It is because 1st job warrior has the skill "Improving Max HP Increase". Therefore when an ap is added to HP, warrior gains the most. Other class may include bowman and thief class. The gain is still ok. But an absolute no for magician to do HP washing.

d. How much is the relatively rate between HP gain and MP lost?

Warrior 50~55HP -4MP
Thief 16~20 HP -12MP
Bowman 16~20HP -12MP
Magician 10~20Hp -90MP

e. What is the Pros and Cons of HP washing?

Pros: - Gain more HP so you can survive 1~ 2 HKO from boss monster (Zakum, Horntail, Grandpa, Anego, Papulatus) attacks that deals more than 3000 damage!
- EMS lately has provided us with many choices of pot which apparently makes most of us shift to use % pots like: Power elixir, Ginger Ale, Elixir, Ramen ... Cheap Ginger Ale 3.8k used is much more worthwhile than ever. So potting for massive HP from this technique is least of our problems now.
- Among the lv 120 , bishops tend to party themselves alot more. Now im not saying you will never find a bishop, but chances will be slimmer, so having the extra HP will help from everything to pot cost (%) and surviving among bosses.
- This is NOT a hack/bug/glitch. It is a leak from which Nexon prompts us to spend more. So feel free and enjoy!

Cons: - It is not recommended to you use this technique since it burns your parent’s pocket-money or your salary funds for online games (virtual characters) unless you are rich person who is feeling generous enough to pay huge sum of money to Nexon/Asiasoft/Wizet for buying AP reset packs.

f. How to improve out MP gained per level?

How to get the most out of HP Washing? It has been proven that leveling up with INT equips on, increases your MP gained at around 10 extra INT = 1 additional MP on a level-up. According to KeikoTan, you only gain additional MP on level-up for "whole" 10 extra INT points. So you gain 1 extra MP for 10-19int, 2 for 20-29int, etc.
This is the formula for MP Gain Per Level = 15 (total int * 0.1) /- 1.
It’s best to start wearing INT items early in the mid 30’s to gain the most out of it.

For eg, if you level with 50 INT gear in hand, that means you gain an extra 5 MP, so for every 3 levels you level with these equips on, you get an additional HP Wash (Or to be more precise, 5 washes per 12 levels).
Now, level 60 times like that (Or 90, if you start that early), and you've got a total of 43 washes you can perform instead of 13. 750 HP will be gained as opposed to 240.

g. How much HP washing you can do?

It varies from job to job. But the minimum MP theory is the thing that controls it all. However if you use int gear, you can gain alot more MP. The more MP you gain, thus being able to reset more.

Min MP Formula for Spearman class = 4 X level 156
Min MP Formula for Fighter class = 4 x level 56
Min MP Formula for Bowman = level x 14 148
Min MP Formula for before 2nd job Thief = level x 14 - 4
Min MP Formula for after 2nd job Thief = level x 14 148

For eg, let’s assume that you are a Level 200 Thief with 4000 MP.
The thief minimum MP that he can’t remove is 200 x 14 148 = 2948
So, this thief could channel at MOST 4000 MP - 2948 MP = 1052 MP into his HP

h. How to HP Wash?
Step 1: Calculate your minimum MP
Step 2: Using AP Reset Cards (NX Cash)
1. Put 1 AP into HP (1 at a time, not all 5 into HP)
2. Use AP Reset to reduce 1 point from MP.
3. Add that 1 point into your primary attribute. (example: If you are a Thief, add to LUK)
4. Repeat step 1 and 2 until all your AP have been used.

i. When i can do HP washing?

Anytime after you got Improving Max HP Increase. (warrior) or if you have the minimum MP to HP wash (thief/bowman)

2. Facts & Figures:

1. Maximum HP/MP cap for all jobs is 30000 ( with or without Hyper Body )
2. Double resetting method MP to STR/LUK/DEX and MP to HP wont work
3. YES, you can do HP washing at level 1 with umbrella and bandana. About 12~13MP every level from lvl 1-10
4. Dont try to reset with Hyper Body, it wont work.
5. It is NOT possible for lvl 200 to reach 30k without hyperbody/washing now.
6. It is also currently NOT possible to reach 30k by normal HP washing (without INT gear).
7. It is ONLY possible to reach 30k now if you wash with INT gear.
8. If by wearing INT gear will earn more MP, will wearing STR gear gain more HP? No, no and no. After research, it has proven that HP washing is the only way.
Proof! I recorded the amount of HP that beginners received, which averaged between 10~15. As I pumped STR, no significant change was seen. Even if STR does have an effect, I would presume that it would be very insignificant.
9. If you put AP to HP and cant -MP mean you have reached the minimum MP limit. Then u will temporarily weaker than normal until you can further wash in the coming lvs. So, wash AP per AP is advisable.
10. If you put AP to HP and cant -MP anymore, assuming you can wash next lv up, -MP STR directly cause you have already added 1 ap into HP before
11. This is unofficial way of washing HP. New cash item which makes HP increase will be out in near future. (exclusively in CMS)

3. EMS INT Equip Suggestions:

Below is a list of INT items that you can equip when your EXP is at 99.98% before reaching next level. Most likely are LUKLESS mage EQs.

Low-funded version:

8~12int Black Bandana, Toy Maker Cap, First Anniversary Hat (untradable)
15-20int self-scrolled Sauna Robe or borrow from a mage friend.
4~5int Leaf Earrings 50MP or any low level earrings
8~11int Old Raggedy Cape or Napoleon, etc
6~10int Wooden Wand lv 8 (common job) << try to make as high int as possible cause this is the biggest boost int weapon
4-~7int Blue Umbrella, Yellow Umbrella, Pumpking Basket
6-~8int Heart Staff lv 54 (common job require 43luk)
4~7int workgloves
Unfortunately, there is no version of common shoes add INT in eMS so far.
5~7int Stolen Fence, Pan Lid.

Total INT that any warrior/bowman/thief can equip:

Black bandana Sauna Earrings cape Wooden Wand Work gloves Pan Lid
8 15 4 8 6 4 5 = 50 INT

High-funded version

Purple Old Wisconsin Sauna Leaf earrings Toy Maker cape Heart Staff Work gloves Pan Lid
15 25 10 11 12 10 7 = 90 INT

4. Conclusion

So, if each time you wear 50 INT equipment at 99.98% before next level, you would gain additional 5 MP, and leveling 3 times would get you 15 MP. It would be sufficient for 1 AP reset since it reduces -12 MP from your Max MP (if you are thief/bowman) or 3 AP resets (if you are warrior). If you are wearing the 90 INT equipment, you will gain 9 MP per level, and in 3 levels you gain 27 MP (able to use 6 AP Resets = 6×55HP = 330 HP!!!). In short, every 10 INT gains 1 MP.
After research with warrior class, everytime lv up wearing 50INT gear, MP gains are followings:
Crusader 9~11 MP
Knight 11~17 MP
DK 10~15 MP

5. Summary (Italic case specifically for EMS)

A. For many, the only worthwhile reasons to wash as an Archer are:
✔3.6k HP - The left Pianus also the higher EXP does around this much damage, so once you have this much HP, you can solo it safely.
✔✔3.7k HP - Being able to safely take a hit from Skelegons (high level Leafre monsters, very good EXP) as well as being able to take 2 hits in a row without dying at Himes. That makes training dramatically easier, and makes relying on a Heal-follower Priest possible.
✔✔✔4.1k HP - Being able to tank Papulatus' bombs, enabling easy solos, or being part of HB-less parties at just about all bosses.

B. There're even fewer reasons for washing a Thief, but also need to mention are:
✔3.6k HP - Being able to solo Crog without using Disorder trick. Of course you must constantly use pot after every hit dealt dmg on you.
✔✔4.1k HP - Being able to tank Papulatus' bombs, enabling easy solos, or being part of HB-less parties at just about all bosses. (the same as archer class)
✔✔✔4875 HP - very important for NightLord to last till the end in Horntail. If you're only a sponsor/guest in HT sure no need 7.8k HP (after HB) because you are hiding all the way just for looting necklace, but for a fix batch members for HT it's compulsory to have at least 7.8k HP. Moreover, if all NightLords are just hiding, then how to knockdown HT?

C. For warriors, there could be a long list:
✔3.3k HP - Being able for fighter class can early train at Grim at lv 3x. Knock is ~1.1k if powerguard max, magic att is ~2.2k. So min HP is better to have more than 3.3k at least, survive 1 magic att and physical att. Unless, you are too reliable on priest to heal you (put your life in your hands is much safer than putting your life in other people's hands).
✔8k HP - When you decide to camp at Mong/Hymes. If Black Crow spawns, it'd be a bizzare news for warriors below 8k HP. They are prone to die if the priest can't heal them in time. Then you must cc and find another safe empty map. By washing, you can take 3 hit before you die. Which means you got more chances than other people. If the priest doesn't heal by the third hit, you can jolly well pot yourself.
✔✔✔18k HP - Anego has always been a no-no for normal warriors. It has always been a place for range attackers. Applying HP washing method will help you melee fight her without instant kill from her slap.
✔✔✔✔30k HP - Hyperbody gives 60% max HP which means all DK goal is to have 18750HP before HB and after HB it would add another 11250 tons of HP. Having a 30k HP at all times is a BIG relief. Furthermore it compliments Dark Knight 4th job skill Berserk well. 40% of 30k is still 12k and you got 200% attack bonus by sacrificing 18k. Imagine walking around grinding and still very good enough to tank most creep attack. Hella godly news!
✔✔✔✔✔30k HP - Some leaked infos from Asiasoft tell us that they maybe remove the HP/MP cap as they did with the new damage cap increment to 200k in JMS. If this is proven true, will be a very good news for washer since from lvl 120-200 that's quite hell a pool of HP to HB on. However, is this just their sale tactic or real, only God can answer that.

6. Credits

Tiger from GMS for invention of HP theory
Tanyia and many others from MSEA for the washing HP information
Kwanhua for his primary wonderful thread
Ayumilovemaple blog and her formulas
RoyalCatManDo from Sleepywood for his bowman HP washing guide
FelixtheLion from EMS for inspiring me to make this thread
LostJVlyDex from Khaini GMS for discovering the flaw in the theory
Playpark, Sleepywood and hidden-street forums for your source
Of course I missed out somebodies in this list, just give me more time to update this.

7. References:

Tutorial Vids:

Normal resetting (without INT gear)
HP washing for dummies (with INT)
NightLord reset
Ranger reset
AP Reset cash value

*EMS each AP Reset Scroll - 3100 NX - 3.1EUR - 2.4GBP
*GMS each AP Reset Scroll - 3100 NX - 3.1USD
x 3 AP Reset Pack - 9300 NX - 9.3USD
During Black Friday sale: (named after Thanksgiving and all the malls go on big sale)
x 3 AP Reset Pack - 5000 NX - 5USD (markdown 46%)
*MSEA each AP Reset Scroll - 6000 A-cash - 6.42SGD - 14.4RM
x 5 AP Reset Pack - 22500 A-cash - 24.075SGD - 54RM

Next date of Thanksgiving in year 2008: Thursday, November 27th
So next Black Friday sale (assumption) : Friday, November 28th
Stalk up on NX, folks!!!

The purpose of this thread was to give people ideas on how to construct their washing skills while being able to make decisions for themselves. There is no ultimate guide out there, or else it would have been apparent to us right from the beginning.
Any questions or suggestions are welcome. Well, we're done with conspiracy theory. Still, the most capable one in EMS also an active SW 4umer could consult you even better about practical experience is FelixtheLion. (grr...)
Dont try to flame or give hold back comments. The final conclusion is always the same. As the Chinese saying goes. There is no free Lunch in this world.

Thank you to who spending so much time reading my post. Good luck and hope it help to whom concern.

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PostSubject: Re: HP Washing Guide ~   Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:37 am

As for shoes maker is your friend Smile
With a advanced INT crystal (only about 40 mil, maybe less at the moment) you can get an extra 5 Int so long as you have the required stats to wear level 40-50 gear (obviously dexless cant)
Also yellow snowshoes give 3 Int clean I think.

Either option could be chaos scrolled but that would mean a frig load of meso for a tiny Int gain.

Also to really get the most out of washing ALL AP from level ups should be washed, if it's not possible to do a straight HP wash due to not having enough MP then add your level AP into MP I tried this with 80+ Int equiped and got 20+ MP from it so it does work.
Further more if you don't have such high Int equips on you when you are leveling just save your AP until you can borrow some, preferably enough to give you 25 - 30 MP per AP spent.

Super expensive since every level will cost you 5 Ap resets (about 150 mil at the moment) but surely worth it if you plan on having crazy high HP

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Pink Bean
Pink Bean

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PostSubject: Re: HP Washing Guide ~   Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:03 am

+If you want to 'MP Wash' or 'Double HP Wash' you need 150int equips.

With those 150int each lvlup, you put 5AP into MP and you can do 5wash.
So you take out 5MP and put 5HP, then take out again 5MP and put into Luk.

= each lvl you have + 16x5HP (+the HP gained with your lvlup).
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Bob The Snail
Bob The Snail

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PostSubject: Re: HP Washing Guide ~   Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:45 pm

That's a really cool guide, especially the part about "burning the pocket" clown

Good job, Renko Smile
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PostSubject: Re: HP Washing Guide ~   Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:18 pm

Gratz cyr.

Copy + Paste : D
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Pink Bean
Pink Bean

Antal inlägg : 1205
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PostSubject: Re: HP Washing Guide ~   Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:31 pm

I never said it was mine. But I changed some things Razz
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PostSubject: Re: HP Washing Guide ~   

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HP Washing Guide ~
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