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 HP Washing (kinda updated)

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PostSubject: HP Washing (kinda updated)   Sun May 22, 2011 11:12 pm

Copied from nexon forum post I made but the rebirth forum is so messed up and I cant be bothered to add all the highlighting an layout stuff again. There is also the main part of this in another thread in the guides section. I just thought I would post here as well anyway.

Firstly I would like to say that I did not write this all of this, I merely adapted one written by UponWish two years ago. She has not played since then and I know that she would not have a problem with it being updated and still used now. The adaptions I have made have been to check it with pre and post Big Bang washing and to include the pirate job and different HP’s needed for more of the bosses.
The following data table is referenced below but I have included it at the top for quick access for people that already know about HP washing and wanted quick access to the main information. This table works for all of the jobs under that class as far as I can tell. This data table is also only for after the 2nd job advancement.

Job, HP gained, MP lost, Min MP, Min HP
Beginner, +8~12HP, -6~8MP, (10 x level) +2, (12 x level) +50
Warrior, +20~24HP + (imp), -2~4MP, (4 x level) +156, (24 x level) +172
Thief, +16~20HP, -10~12MP, (4 x level) +56, (24 x level) +472
Bowman, +16~20HP, -10~12MP, (14 x level) +148, (20 x level) +378
Magician, +10~20HP, -18~20MP + (2 x imp), (14 x level) +148, (20 x level) +378
Pirate, +18~22HP + (imp), -14~16MP, (18 x level) +111, (22 x level) +380
(imp= improving maximum HP or MP, if you do not have this skill then it does not apply to your specific job)
♠♠ Fully revised HP washing guide for beginners ♠♠

1. Abstract

A. What is HP washing?
This concept was first pioneered by Tiger from GMS and further tested out and improved by many guys including Tanyia and kwanhua from MSEA. HP washing is not against any rules and is essential for certain bosses.
B. How does it work?
Normally when you level up you will have your 5 spare AP and you will just add them to what ever you want. With HP washing you will first put these 5 AP into HP. Once it is in HP you can then buy an AP reset scroll from the cash shop (you need one for each point), Then you will use the reset and you can take one point out of MP and return this spare point into what ever you were originally going to.
C. Will your damage be affected by using this technique?
No. The overall outcome will be a reduction of your MP and an increase of HP with no affect on your damage. There is an alternative to HP washing known as blood washing which will have an affect on your damage. Blood washing involves only adding into HP without extracting the AP after to use (I wouldn’t recommend this).

D. Who should do it?
The class that benefits most from HP washing is warrior. HP washing is almost essential at higher levels because of the high damage by bosses. Some of these bosses would be impossible for certain jobs unless washed.

E. How much is the relatively rate between HP gain and MP lost?
Warrior +50~55HP -4MP
Thief +16~20 HP -12MP
Bowman +16~20HP -12MP
Magician +10~20Hp -90MP
Pirate +18~22HP -16MP

F. What is the Pros and Cons of HP washing?
- Gain more HP so you can survive 1~ 2 HKO from boss monsters (Zakum, Horntail, Grandpa, Anego, Papulatus, Pink Bean… etc) attacks that deal large amounts of damage!
- It will also mean that you need less money for pots at higher levels assuming that you use % HP pots such as ginger ales.

- It is not recommended to you use this technique since it burns your parent’s pocket-money or your salary funds for online games (virtual characters) unless you are rich person who is feeling generous enough to pay huge sum of money to Nexon for buying AP reset packs.

G. How to improve out MP gained per level?
Every 10 INT that you have when you level up will increase your MP gained by 1. To be able to have more INT without it affecting your damage and training speed people will often buy INT gear. INT gear are items that have been specifically scrolled for INT (or with % INT potentials) not often intended for use. This means the items are often common instead of job specific.

The amount of INT gained increases in steps. If for example you had +10 INT items then you would get 1 additional MP, if your had 20 INT you would get 2 MP. If you only had 19 INT you would get 1 MP. The extra MP gained increases in discrete steps.

It’s best to start wearing INT items as early as possible to gain the most out of it (level 1 if possible).

H. How much HP washing you can do / should you do?
It varies from job to job. But the minimum MP is the thing that controls it all. However if you use INT gear, you can gain a lot more MP. The more MP you gain, the more you can potentially wash.

(This is for after 2nd job advancement)
Min MP Formula for Beginner = 10 x level + 2
Min MP Formula for Spearman / Page class = 4 x level + 156
Min MP Formula for Fighter / Dawn Warrior class = 4 x level + 56
Min MP Formula for Magician = 22 x level + 488
Min MP Formula for Bowman = 14 x level + 148
Min MP Formula for Thief = 14 x level + 148
Min MP Formula for Pirate = 18 x level + 111

For eg, let’s assume that you are a Level 200 Thief with 4000 MP.
The thief minimum MP that he can’t remove is 200 x 14 + 148 = 2948
So, this thief could channel at MOST 4000 MP - 2948 MP = 1052 MP into his HP
To be more realistic you probably would not need to wear godly INT gear from level 1 and wash as much as you can. The amount of HP for each job is:

(This is for after 2nd job advancement)
Min HP Formula for Beginner = 12 x level + 50
Min HP Formula for Spearman / Page class = 24 x level + 172
Min HP Formula for Fighter / Dawn Warrior class = 24 x level + 472
Min HP Formula for Magician = 10 x level + 64
Min HP Formula for Bowman = 20 x level + 378
Min HP Formula for Thief = 20 x level + 378
Min HP Formula for Pirate = 22 x level + 380
(After the Big Bang patch Thieves can get 10% more base HP as a low level skill).

Each time you level up you will gain more HP and MP but the amount you gain is not fixed, it is within a small range. The following table shows how much HP and MP you can gain without using any INT equips.

Job, HP Gained per level MP Gained per level
Beginner, 12 ~ 16, 10 ~ 12
Warrior, 24 ~ 28 + (imp), 4 ~ 6
Magician, 10 ~ 14, 22 ~ 24 +(2x imp)
Bowman, 20 ~ 24, 14 ~ 16
Thief, 20 ~ 24, 14 ~ 16
Pirate, 20 ~ 24 + (imp), 18 ~ 22
(imp) = improving maximum HP increase or improving maximum MP increase

You will then need to decide how much HP you feel that you need. Some of the following are targets you might want:

Monster Magic Damage Touch Damage
Green snail 0 1?
Crimson Balrog 2.5k 4.5k
Ergoth 3.9k 3k
Zakum 2.9k 11k
Pianus 5k 5.2k
Papulatus 3.8k 5.2k
Bigfoot 0 12k
Anego 19k 12k
Horntail 7.8k 23k
Pink Bean 19k 23k
Chaos Zakum 6k 14k
Chaos Horntail 8k 23k

Please note that the damage shown is not always the maximum amount needed in order to be able to safely kill the bosses and that with Pink Bean it also has an instant kill attack.

I. How to HP Wash?
Step 1: Keep some spare AP for washing when you level up.
Step 2: Calculate your minimum MP
Step 3: Calculate the amount of resets you can do
Step 4: Using AP Reset Cards (NX Cash)
1. Put 1 AP into HP (doing this one at a time is often the most sensible although it makes no difference in the end)
2. Use AP Reset to reduce 1 point from MP.
3. Add that 1 point into your primary attribute. (example: If you are a Thief, add to LUK)
4. Repeat step 1 and 2 until all your AP have been used.

J. When i can do HP washing?
I would recommend waiting until after the second job advancement as you can get more HP per MP that way. This does not mean you should not wear INT equips as soon as you can though.

K. What is double HP washing?
Double washing is the same process as normal washing except it can be done without having any spare AP but at double the cost. Firstly you will probably have every current AP in use (you can do it without but you might as well do normal washing then). After this you buy 2 AP resets from Cash Shop. With the first reset you can lower any stat you want, then you add the AP into HP. After this the process is exactly the same as normal washing and you use the AP reset to lower MP and use the point for anything you wish.

This is normally done when you need to reset a point anyway but also want to wash. For instance if you can not level any further and want to lower a stat but you also want to HP wash more (this is something I am planning to do as I want to lower my DEX and also HP was more but I can not gain more levels)

2. Facts: My penis is the size of a toothpick

1. Maximum HP/MP cap for all jobs is 30,000 (with or without Hyper Body). This will increase to 99,999 after the Big Bang patch.
2. YES, you can do HP washing at level 1 with umbrella and bandana. About 12~13MP every level from lvl 1-10
3. Don not try to reset with Hyper Body, it wont work.
4. It is NOT possible for lvl 200 to reach 30k without hyperbody / washing now.
5. It is also currently NOT possible to reach 30k by normal HP washing (without INT gear).
6. It is ONLY possible to reach 30k now if you wash with INT gear.
7. If by wearing INT gear will earn more MP, will wearing STR gear gain more HP? No, no and no. After research, it has proven that HP washing is the only way.
8. If you put AP to HP and cant -MP mean you have reached the minimum MP limit. Then u will temporarily weaker than normal until you can further wash in the coming levels. So, wash AP per AP is advisable.

3. EMS INT Equip Suggestions:

The most common items INT items are listed below with an approximate INT gain assuming you have decent funds available (much higher INT can be achieved). Remember that you should equip these before you level when you are about 99.9%, make sure you do not leave it until too late to equip them.
Black Bandana, Toy Maker Cap, Zakum Helm
5~17 INT

Sauna or Bath Robe
10~20 INT
Leaf Earrings / elemental earrings (scrolled)
4~5 INT

Old Raggedy Cape, Purple Adventurer Cape (scrolled)
8~11 INT

Wooden Wand, Blue or Yellow Umbrella, Pumpkin Basket, Heart Staff (scrolled)
4~10 INT

Work gloves
4~7 INT
Yellow Snow Shoes
3~6 INT

Stolen Fence, Pan Lid, Maple Sheild
5~7 INT

These would be decent INT items that could be used for washing but every little helps. I would recommend buying a zakum helm to begin with as it is probably the most effective at increasing INT for cost. Some of the other cheap items would be 100% scrolling a bath robe (100% scrolls are about 2m each) and buying a low INT cape. Buying +INT or % INT potentialed items would also help a lot with this, there are some good deals in FM so look around a bit. The other items after this begin to get expensive.
HP washing on a low budget would give you around 30 extra INT.
If you plan on spending very large amounts (billions on each item) of money you can get over 150 INT.

4. Conclusion

So, if each time you wear +30 INT equipment at 99.9% before next level, you would gain additional 3 MP, and leveling 3 times would get you 15 MP. It would be sufficient for about 1 AP reset (check table at the top of the page). If you are wearing the +90 INT equipment, you will gain 9 MP per level, and in 3 levels you gain 27 MP. If you are a warrior then this would be enough to use 6 AP Resets= 6×55HP = 330 HP! In short, every 10 INT gains 1 MP.

5. Summary (Italic case specifically for EMS)
The main reasons for HP washing are to make it easier and safer to train at places such as skeles and to kill bosses. For dark knights there is also the bonus of using bersek which requires you to be on less than 40% HP and gives a 200% attack bonus. If you had 30k HP with then you would still be able to get this bonus with 12k HP which is enough to take a hit from almost any monster.

6. Credits
(Original Credits)
Tiger from GMS for invention of HP theory
Tanyia and many others from MSEA for the washing HP information
Kwanhua for his primary wonderful thread
Ayumilovemaple blog and her formulas
RoyalCatManDo from Sleepywood for his bowman HP washing guide
FelixtheLion from EMS for inspiring me to make this thread
LostJVlyDex from Khaini GMS for discovering the flaw in the theory
Playpark, Sleepywood and hidden-street forums for your source
Of course I missed out somebodies in this list, just give me more time to update this
7. References:

Tutorial Vids:

Normal resetting (without INT gear)
Ranger reset
AP Reset cash value

*EMS each AP Reset Scroll - 3100 NX - 3.1EUR ~ 2.4GBP

The purpose of this thread was to give people ideas on how to construct their washing skills while being able to make decisions for themselves. There is no ultimate guide out there, or else it would have been apparent to us right from the beginning.
Any questions or suggestions are welcome.


Original source:

Thank you for taking the to read this and please feel free to ask any questions, I will try to improve it more if there is something I have missed.

~~ PepsiBandit
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PostSubject: Re: HP Washing (kinda updated)   Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:22 pm

99999 hp cape? no one will reach it at least until hp forumla is changed in some patch
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HP Washing (kinda updated)
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