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PostSubject: CWKPQ GUIDE   Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:08 pm



In terms of what level of attackers you'll require to complete the PQ, I'd advise bringing a good few 150~170s.
And remember, BRING APPLES.

NOTE: To begin the PQ it works like a zak squad. Everyone has to sign up. The leader needs to have a crimsonwood keystone and 12 crimson guardian hearts.

Pre-PQ and FACTS.

You can enter once per day! (You can enter again if you fail to reach the boss stage). Oke this has been debated. I believe now it's 2 times per day you can complete the whole PQ.
You'll need a minimum of 10 people although 20 people is advised.
You'll need a load of pots & TONS of all cures. I mean TONS! Well, more like 500.
You need 2 people of each class: i.e. 2 warriors, 2 magicians, 2 archers, 2 pirates and 2 thieves.
I'd advise having at least 3k HP.
There is only 1 type of pendant you can get.
You get 4 pendants per PQ (each boss drops one).
You need haste.
You must be lvl 90+ at least. (Although, a party of all level 90s will fail. It's like sending a party of 30 level 50s to zakum; same principle).
If you die at the bosses you loose 1%.
At level 123 I gained around 5% for doing the whole PQ. It took us around an hour to complete it.
The PQ is not very good for EXP. I think it's more to do with the bonus and pendant.
You need someone with max haste and flashjump.

Stage 1

The first stage consists of a long room. Black invincible guardians will start spawning.
Everyone in the party needs to run to the right while pressing up and find the hidden room.

Stage 2

Stage 2 consists of a room with 5 tower type things.
There is 1 tower for each class.
Attack the towers with your 3rd job skills til they are all active.

Note: Many people are having problems with this stage. Apparantley the blue text doesn't appear. The solution is to get the whole squad to enter stage 2 then let the leader talk to the NPC then go and activate the sigls. Apparantley this works. I can't confirm this because it worked fine the normal way for us.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is a jump quest.
You will need haste.
Again there are 5 towers which can only be activated by each class' respective 3rd job skills.
Climb up and activate all 5 towers.
Don't worry about the totems; they basically 1/1 you.
Once you're all at the top and have activated all 5 towers go through the portal which will take you to the bottom and go through the bottom portal.
You get around 10 minutes here.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is another annoying jump quest filled with fire and stirges.
Same again: climb up and activate the towers with your 3rd job skills.
I believe there are more than 5 towers here so some are fake ones.
Once you have activated them all go through the portal at the bottom.
You get around 10 minutes here.

Stage 5

Stage 5 is the main hall way. There are 5 rooms; one for each respective class.
Enter the appropriate room and do as instructed by the statue.
The only room I have done myself is the archer room.
You get around 10-15 minutes here.

Archer room: Kill all the black guardians and then talk to the statue and he'll give you some ancient bow thingy.
Pirate room:
Warrior room:Climb up the ropes and kill the Crimson Guardians on the way up until you find the sword.
Thief room:You see a small eye, and the statue tells you to kill all eyes in the room. You just hit it once with a normal attack to make it dissapear. Then you climb upwards through guardians and then use FJ to reach certain platforms and kill 5 of them in one map, then talk to the statue and get the claw.
Magician room:Kill all monsters and pick up wand that drops (has a heart with wings at top). Must teleport through walls...a LOT of walls.

Once you have all 5 items place them on the hands of the HUGE statue in the main hall.
Go through the portal at the bottom to progress.

Stage 6 ~ Bosses

Stage 6 is finally the long awaited boss stage.
You have 1 hour 30mins to kill the bosses.

Talk to the battle statue to spawn several black guardians. Kill them all then talk to the statue again to spawn the bosses.

There are a few sniping spots. The bosses do varrying damage.
They mostly do up to 3k damage except the touch damage of the warrior boss which can do over 6k.

The easiest method to completeing this stage is to have all the squad kill the poison witch lady while the warriors keep the other bosses rushed over at one side of the map. Take down the bosses one by one keeping the others occupied by rush.

Note: after the warrior boss dies he will spawn 2 monsters. 1 is only weak to fire and the other is only weak to ice. Get mages to kill them.

The boss to leave til last is the archer boss. He's very difficult compared to the rest.
All of his attacks either stun or seal you. You'll need around 400+ all cures.
Watch out. He can sometimes 1/1 you and then poison for instant death.

Each boss will drop one of the new pendants upon death.

Stage 7 ~ Bonus

To get to the bonus go through the door at the right hand side of the boss map. You'll enter a room with once of the Barricade brothers.
Run all the way to the right and go through the door. It'll take you to the bonus map. It's full of funny looking chests.
Break them open for prizes. You have 1 minute inside the room.

The bonus drops scrolls, skill books, a new shield, taos, REALLLY weird pots and some other stuff.

The pendant is 300 hp / 300 mp, +5 str, dex, int, luk, +10 watt, +10 matt.

I hope this guide helped!


making the guide: Rossay
Mage room information: Rhyannyn
Warrior room information: x___4lyfex
Thief room information: Schtekarn

Link to original:
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PostSubject: Re: CWKPQ GUIDE   Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:55 am

I confirm that i u can enter all times u want if u dont complete it xDDD (else it refresh at midnight, but i dont think so)

I did twice failed yday and i still could enter a 3rd one

To activate sigil is not rly not matter which 3rd job skill.

The skills that can be used to activate the Sigil's are the following:

Charged Blow (White Knight)
Dragon Fury: Spear (Dragon Knight)
Dragon Fury: Pole Arm (Dragon Knight)
Shout (Crusader)

Strafe (Sniper)
Strafe (Ranger)
Silver Hawk (Ranger)
Golden Eagle (Sniper)
Piercing Arrow (Marksman)

Explosion (Fire/Poison Mage)
Ice Strike (Ice/Lightning Mage)
Bahamut (Bishop)
Magic Claw (Magician)

Avenger (Hermit)
Shadow Partner (Hermit)
Meso Explosion (Chief Bandit)
Chakra (Chief Bandit)
Band of Thieves (Chief Bandit)

Transformation (Marauder)
Gaviota (Outlaw)
Dragon Strike (Buccaneer)
Rapid Fire (Corsair)
Flash Fist (Pirate)


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PostSubject: Re: CWKPQ GUIDE   Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:47 am

I activated mine with either backspin elbow or csb yday.................=/
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PostSubject: Re: CWKPQ GUIDE   Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:38 pm

I like this guide the most, it sais all the same stuff but also with pics xD
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PostSubject: Re: CWKPQ GUIDE   Sat Feb 12, 2011 1:02 pm

This look so difficult D:
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PostSubject: Re: CWKPQ GUIDE   Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:52 pm

This is the way how to reach CWKPQ

You can skip the JQ if you complete these quests:

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PostSubject: Re: CWKPQ GUIDE   Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:15 am

Btw, that keystone, we have to get everytime a new one to enter?? -.-
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PostSubject: Re: CWKPQ GUIDE   

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